NextLaw Labs Adds Flaherty to Advisory Board

Ray Sodora
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Legaltech News runs down the movements from legal technology movers and shakers.

Nov. 2: Business Accelerator NextLaw Labs Adds Flaherty to Advisory Board

Just before the calendar turned to November, Dentons-developed business accelerator NextLaw Labs hired legal technology leader Casey Flaherty to the company’s advisory board. Flaherty is the founder of legal technology consultancy Procertas, as well as a pioneer in the field of Legal Technology Assessment (LTA). He previously worked in the general counsel’s office at Kia Motors America and in the law firm Holland & Knight. John Fernandez, chief innovation officer at Dentons, told Legaltech News via email: “Certainly, Casey understands the critical importance of elevating legal professionals’ technical capabilities to accelerate adoption of the new technology tools and improved client services. We are interested in innovations in training platforms that increase the technology proficiency of legal professionals.”