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Procertas focuses on achieving the right legal outcomes by ensuring that the right people are doing the right work the right way at the right price. Given the current market realities, there is plenty of room for clients to get higher quality work at lower cost while law firms increase profits via improved realizations. Towards that end, we deepen supplier relationships by facilitating structured dialogue between law firms and law departments. This strategic-sourcing approach is built on the idea that with people and pricing in place, rigorous collaboration on process offers the real levers to drive continuous improvement. Proper collaboration means involving nontraditional stakeholders.

A prime example is more training on existing technology. The problem is that traditional technology training methods are terrible. Competence-based assessments paired with synchronous, active learning offer a better path forward. Our Legal Technology Assessment platform reduces total training time, enhances training effectiveness, and offers benchmarked results.

The following series of blog posts by founder Casey Flaherty lays out our philosophical approach:

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Legal Spend Management

The Procertas philosophy is to lower your costs while improving efficiency by aligning the three pillars of productivity—people, process, and technology.


People are the most important factor in productivity. People are also rarely the problem. You likely have good people who are unfortunately performing sub-optimal processes.


Productivity deficits are a process issue 90 – 95% of the time organizational growth outstrips the effectiveness of a once-appropriate processes.


Productivity is the result of technology complementing talented people and efficient processes. Aligning technology with your people and your processes is necessary to maximize productive output.


Time is the scarcest resource. Finding time to align people, processes, and technology is your biggest challenge. Our consultants play the role of “temporary insiders” to identify, design and drive productivity enhancements.