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CounselLink Conference Keynote Presentation 2015

In his keynote address at the Lexus Nexus CounselLink Conference, Casey Flaherty discusses reducing costs related to process and content in law firms and law departments. Process and content refer to the things we can do better, automate, and standardize.

So much of what lawyers do, especially young lawyers, is wrapped up in process and content, because they do not know how to actually use these machines. Casey has tested over 1,000 timekeepers and found significant deficiencies in the basic, necessary technology skills.

In utilizing the Legal Tech Assessment, we create the incentive for continuous improvement.

There is no doubt that law firms deliver value, but there are ways that they can do it better. There’s no doubt that law firms communicate that value, but again, there are ways they can do it better.

No matter how good they are, they can always be better.