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Legal Technology Assessment (“LTA”) assess legal professionals’ proficiency with the basic technology tools of their trade: Word, Excel, and PDF. Improved competence with basic technology tools helps legal professionals focus on the areas where they add the most value. The better they are with technology, the less time they will need to spend with it. The LTA is a a first-of-its kind integrated benchmarking and training platform. LTA clients become COBOT Qualified (Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology).  Purchase now

Legal Tech Assessment-Training Edition is the training version of the LTA. In a low-stakes environment with no score recorded, users can navigate through practice versions of the assessment. Upon the completion of each task, the user receives immediate feedback on whether or not they performed the task correctly. If not, they have the option to hit a Back button and Help button to open task-specific training. After the training, they have the opportunity to retry the task. The Training Edition pairs competence-based assessment with synchronous, active learning. By allowing users to test out of training they do not need, it reduces total training time and delivers tailored training content. The LTA then verifies the effectiveness of training.  Purchase now

Legal Process and Technology Consulting extends the basic idea of the LTA–measurement as a basis for dialogue and improvement–to other aspects of the legal service delivery such as knowledge management, document automation, and analytics.