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The entire object of the Legal Tech Assessment is to ensure that legal professionals are competent with the basic technology tools of their trade: Word, Excel, and PDF. The LTA identifies the gaps. The LTA Training Edition fills in those gaps with synchronous, active learning, as explained in the following video.

The Training Edition is a mirror image of the LTA proper with a few additional features. First, it informs the user immediately upon submitting a task whether or not they completed it correctly. If so, they move on to the next task and are not required to endure training they do not need. But if they get it wrong, they can immediately cue up pertinent training. That is, the user who gets a task wrong can hit the Retry Previous Task Button and then hit the Help button, which will open task-specific training. After the task-specific training, the user returns to the practice assessment to apply what they’ve learned. The training media can be customized. That is, the Help button can be programmed to open whatever training the customer selects. This includes training from internal portals, LMS’s, or third-party vendors. Procertas has partnered with HotShot to create LTA specific videos. But customers are not required to purchase these fantastic, professional video walkthroughs in order to make use of the LTA Training Edition.



Tailored training. The LTA Training Edition pinpoints what training is needed and delivers it instantly. Competence-based assessment is paired with synchronous, active learning to deliver an immediate, individualized training curriculum.

Synchronicity. Synchronous learning is premised on immediate feedback. The user gets training as soon as they recognize the need.

Active Learning. Not only does the user get the training they need, but they also have an immediate opportunity to apply the training and get feedback as to whether they are now performing the task correctly.

Validation. There is no need to speculate about whether the training has been effective. A subsequent LTA assessment will validate that the user has acquired the requisite skill set.

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