Upskilling the modern workforce.

Through our growing library of intuitive products, we aim to lead a new standard of proficiency in the vital tools people use every day.

About Us

Procertas® (Professional Certifications and Technology Assessments) is a new kind of company for an evolving learning landscape. Our mission is to offer a path to better alignment between people and productivity in business, law, and education.

By training users for technical expertise in desktop productivity, Procertas is helping companies around the country hire smarter, work better, and control their document output.

Our Philosophy

Ensuring that the right people are doing the right work the right way at the right price.

Given the current market realities, there is plenty of room for clients to get higher quality work at lower cost while companies increase profits via improved realizations. Proper collaboration means involving nontraditional stakeholders. A prime example is more training on existing technology. The problem is that traditional technology training methods are inadequate.

However, competency-based assessments paired with active learning offers a better path forward. Our platform reduces total training time, enhances training effectiveness, and offers benchmarked results.

Productivity is the result of technology complementing talented people and efficient processes.