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How do I contact technical support from within the application?

This Procertas Technical Support Guide contains common technical support requests and is meant to aid you in resolving these needs.

If you are experiencing any challenges not outlined in this guide, contact our technical support team by going to the Contact Page​ or by calling our Technical Support line directly at (843) 941-4863.

The Contact Page can be accessed by clicking the question mark button on the top right of the Navigation Menu as shown below.

Contact Link

This will open a drop-down menu. Users will then click “Contact” and be brought to the following page:

If the issue is regarding a specific task, you should include a subject and description of the problem you are experiencing as well as the Office Technology version (i.e: PowerPoint 2016) and the Operating System (i.e: Windows versus Mac). When replying to task-specific issues, we will often ask for you to share the file you were trying to upload for us to better provide assistance. You should expect initial replies within the same business day.

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How do I reset my password?

Step 1: Navigate to the Procertas log-in page​. Step 2: Find the “Restore your password” link located at the bottom right corner of the log-in page. Step 3: You will then be asked to enter the email address associated with your account.

Password Reset Link

After putting this in and clicking the “Restore password” button, you will receive an email with a link to change your password.

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How do the assessments work?

The LTA Assessment Modules are timed and graded. Before you begin, it is strongly recommended that you go through​ the Trainer version of the module first.

Assessments are similar to trainer versions in the way that they are divided into separate tasks. For each task, follow the instructions that appear in the browser window. However, unlike the tutorial version, you will not be able to freely navigate from task to task. Each task must be completed sequentially. Also, there is no “Teach Me” button on the Assessment modules.

For each task, you will be required to download file(s) and work on them. You will open and edit these files according to the task instructions in the browser window, save the file, then upload the file to be graded. For each individual task, your performance will be timed.

You will not receive feedback after each task. All feedback will be given upon completion of the Assessment. Once you upload your file, you will automatically be taken to the next task. You are not able to go back to previous tasks.

You can, however, take a break between tasks without penalty (i.e., after you complete one task and before proceeding to the next). You can even stop the LTA and, when you resume the module, you will start with your last uncompleted task.

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When does the timer start/stop?

The timer starts as soon as the task instructions are shown (that happens after you click the ‘Proceed to task’ button). The timer stops when you upload your response file (and has been received at our server side).

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How do I restart an assessment attempt?

As mentioned, unlike the tutorial version of the module, the assessments must be completed sequentially. You cannot move freely from task to task. You must complete the attempt that you are in the middle of before you are able to begin a new attempt.

Note: The number of attempts allowed is determined by the administrator.

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How do my administrators/instructors receive my scores?

Administrators instantaneously receive the scores of their users. They have their own Procertas log-in and are able to see what modules you completed as well as the score reports of each attempt. Thus, it is not usually required for you to send/notify your instructors of your score unless they specifically tell you otherwise.

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Why are my scores not appearing?

Scores can be easily seen by hitting the “Reports” button in the top left navigation bar. For assessment modules, it should be noted that your progress is not visible on the score report until you fully complete your attempt (reach the end of the module by completing the final task).

Note: The Tutorial module does not appear on the Score Report since it is just an orientation module with the purpose of showing how the system works.

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Why did I receive this score/skill designation?

The grading system will assign you with a skill designation (Beginner, Intermediate, Qualified, Expert) based on your performance in the said Assessment module. Specifically, the system looks at your “Assessed Time” to determine this.

If you get a task correct, your Assessed Time for that task is the same as your Actual Time or how long it takes you to complete it. However, when you get a task incorrect, your Assessed time becomes the same as that task’s “Default Time.” This effectively accounts for and penalizes you for the incorrect task.

For instance, below is an example of a Score Report one would receive after completing the Word Assessment Module. Here we can see that the user got Task 1: Track Changes & Comments incorrect. Thus, a Default Time of 15:00 was put in place of their Assessed Time for this task despite them spending only 02:54 on it. We can see that the Actual Time and Assessed Time are the same for the rest of the tasks because the user got them correct.

Timed Skill Chart

The user is then assigned their COBOT Level depending on which 6-minute interval their total Assessed Time falls under (see chart below). In this case, the user’s Total Assessed Time was 31:05. Looking at the chart on page 12, we can see that this places them under Assessed Time = .6. This makes them receive a COBOT Level of Intermediate.

Assessed Time Chart

Target Time
Approximation of how long the task should take a qualified user. Target time is double the expert time rounded up with a minimum of one minute and thirty seconds despite the fact that many of the tasks can be completed in a matter of seconds. The reason for the extra time is that it gives users time to read and think about the task.

Actual Time
How long the task actually took the user.

Default Time
Approximation of how long the task would take a beginner. The default time is substituted for (not added to) the actual time when the task is performed incorrectly. The theory is that the individual (or their firm) will reach the right result eventually, it will just require more time.

Assessed Time
Equals the actual time if the task is performed correctly. Equals the default time if the task is not performed correctly. All assessed times that exceed the target times, even those where the individual performed the task correctly, are highlighted in red. This is a quick, visual cue to indicate where the user needs to improve. The individual score report is not only a record of how well the user performed, it is also a mechanism to create an individually tailored learning plan.

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End User Related

Why are the “Teach Me” videos different than what I see on my software?

Content will change depending on what operating system and software you have listed in your settings.

The User Settings page can be located by clicking the profile drop down menu on the top right of the navigation bar as seen below.

User Settings Link

Here, you should make sure that your operating system and preferred software settings match with the one you are using.

However, you can still fully utilize the LTA even if you do not have the precise versions of software for which the training has been created. In fact, most of the training will remain applicable (i.e., the current software is substantially similar to previous iterations).

With that said, Procertas is open universe, and all users are encouraged to use web searches to problem solve if they rely on older software versions. You may return to this Settings page at any time (available under their username in the upper right-hand corner). When you are done selecting the operating system and software, hit ‘Save’ and then proceed to Modules (via the menu bar at the top of the page).

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Task files are taking too long to download/upload and are affecting my score

Because the Procertas is internet-based, internet connection does have the potential to affect your score. However, there are a few pre-emptive measures that have been taken on Procertas’ end to make sure that its effect is minimized and highly unlikely.

First, it should be noted that the files that need to be downloaded/uploaded in all the modules are very minimal in size. The largest file is actually in Task 9: Set Video Playback of the PowerPoint Module, but even that file is only 8 megabytes (which is an outlier when compared to the rest of the files).

Thus, the LTA does not require super speed/bandwidth. But it is expected that the your internet speed is capable of downloading minimal size files as even a below average connection is capable of doing so.

Furthermore, to compensate for download and upload times, ​10 seconds is subtracted from your end Assessed Time for each file downloaded and uploaded.​ Basically, at least 20 seconds is subtracted from your time for each task. This handicap is usually more than enough to cover those with disadvantaged connections.

But, if you are experiencing download/upload speeds that go above and beyond this handicap, there are a few measures that can be taken on your end to try and fix this.

First, it is recommended to conduct a quick internet speed test.

As mentioned, since the files are so small any speed that is near average should more than suffice for the purposes of the LTA.

To improve your connection:

  • Work closer to your internet router or plug into ethernet if possible and see if that fixes the problem. If may also be beneficial to turn your router off and on again.
  • Try to minimize the number of windows and applications you have running on your computer (only have
  • Procertas in the internet browser and the file you’re working on opened)
  • Minimize the use of other devices connected to your internet.
  • Try to see if you can get a reasonable download/upload time in a few tasks in the Trainer before starting the assessment over just to minimize the number of retakes you have to do and avoid frustration.
  • Experiment with using alternative internet browsers. Typically, Chrome or Firefox work best.

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What else can I do to improve my total assessed time?

As mentioned previously, all scores and skill designations are based on your total assessed time. Thus, it is in your best interest to try and minimize this time as much as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to do this:

  1. Stick to the recommended target time for each task as much as possible
    The target time is just an approximation of how you should split your minutes between each task in order to attain a skill designation of Qualified. So, it is not strictly necessary for you to be under the target time for every single task but it is advised that you stay relatively close to it. Following these target times is a good starting place to lowering total assessed times.

    You should look at your score report and take special note of the assessed times that are marked in red like Tasks 2 and 3 in the report above. These tasks went over the recommended target time. In this situation, you should make measures to try and speed up these tasks next time around or make up for it by completing the other tasks even faster.

  2. Save your files in one place and delete the ones from previous attempts
    Every second counts! Having a disorganized file space can cause you to waste time trying to locate where the task file is. Even worse, you might upload the wrong file for the task, causing you to incur even greater penalty in your score report. Thus, it is highly recommended that you save all task files to your desktop or somewhere that is highly visible and easy to find.
    You should also clear out files from previous modules/attempts or organize them in a way as to not be confused in choosing what to upload for your answers.

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I do not think the file I submitted is wrong, but it keeps getting marked as incorrect

The grading engine checks to see if your file is correct by comparing it against a solution file in the system. So, what may seem like an insignificant typo will cause it to mark your file as incorrect. This covers one of Procertas’ other grading pillars: accuracy.

Therefore, before contesting your answer, you should first look over both the task instructions and the file you submitted and see if any of these types of mistakes are present.

You should also refer to the ​Common User Mistakes (Task-Specific) ​section of this guide to see if your issue can be resolved there.​ ​Only after checking for these types of errors should you contest your answer by contacting the technical support team. To do so, follow the directions on the “How do I contact technical support?” section of this guide.

PRO Tip! It is also highly recommended that instead of going straight into another assessment attempt, you should first go back to the Trainer module and do the task(s) you got incorrect first. Because if you can get the task right in the trainer module, you should also be able to get it correct in the assessment. Even though this might take some extra time initially, it will save you in the long run by keeping you from having to redo the assessment so many times and becoming frustrated.

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My software does not have the tools needed to complete the task

With the exception of the PDF Modules which require Professional grade/full version software (like Adobe Pro) in order to complete them, Procertas prides itself in its accessibility to all users. In other words, your version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, should not affect your ability to complete any task. Primitive legacy versions of Microsoft Office may, however, be limited in features.

Thus, if you ever find yourself in this situation, you should contact the Technical Support Team immediately by following the directions on the “How do I contact technical support?” section of this guide.

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Common User Mistakes (LTA)

Refer to this part of the guide before contacting technical support. The following are the most common task-specific technical support requests we receive in the LTA that can be fixed easily by you. If the task that you are having issues with is not listed, please contact technical support.

Word Module

Task 2: Find & Replace
Make sure that there is a total of 11 changes made to the document after completing the Find and Replace All.

Task 3: Non-breaking Space
Commonly, this task is counted incorrect because users forget to remove the space that is already there. It is extremely helpful to go ahead and click the Show/Hide button that is under the Home tab. The button looks like this:

Make sure there is no regular space character in between “(iii)” and the non-breaking space character as shown in the highlight below.

Task 4: Apply Styles
When you change the styles of each section, make sure to delete the extra space that is sometimes left in between as shown below. It helps if you press the Show/Hide button so that this is more visible.

Show/Hide Button:​

Task 5: Insert/Update Cross References
After inserting the updated cross-reference Section 3.02(b), do not forget to insert a space in between “(b)” and “without” as pointed out by the yellow highlight below.
Also, if you did not already delete it, make sure the old reference, Section 2.02(b) is removed. The completed task should read as: “…adroit individuals who can read Section 3.02(b) without their…”.

Task 7: Modify Styles
For this task, you ​do not​ have to go through each fourth level subsection and adjust the style. After modifying the style, all of them should automatically change. If you find that they are not, try checking the “Automatically Update” checkbox as shown in the highlight below.

Task 8: Format Font & Paragraph
When modifying the font, carefully review the font effects to ensure the correct choice is selected.

Keep in mind that Small Caps and All Caps are both capital letters. But Small Caps are just a bit smaller in size. At first glance, they look the same, but they are different as shown below.

Often users forget that part of the task requires you to modify the indentation of the section.

Task 9: Copy and Paste
The option to Merge List will not appear when you right-click unless your cursor is located where you want the list to continue. Your cursor should be where the arrow is pointing below.

Task 11: Footer
Part of the task is to “relegate the existing footer to Exhibit A”. You can do this by copying and pasting the footer that is on Page 1 to the last page, Exhibit A.
After pasting your footer, you will need to unlink it from the previous pages. If you are unable to do so, make sure that you deleted the existing page break that was in the previous page and insert a section break instead (refer to Teach Me video for specifics).

Task 12: Remove Metadata
If you are using a Mac system, make sure that your Operating System setting is set to Mac in Procertas (refer to the Why are the “Teach Me” videos different than what I see on my software? ​ ​Section of this guide for further on instruction on how to change this setting). Mac users should be able to see the following hint when attempting this Task:

In summary, when saving your file, make sure you click “Save” and not “Save As” because using “Save As” automatically resets the Author field on Mac systems.

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Excel Module

Task 1: Copy Sheet
In the field, accuracy matters. If you are getting this task incorrect, the first thing to check is that the name of the worksheet you copied does not have an extra space before or after the text. Incorrect: “Maste​r ​” or ​“ M​aster” Correct: “Master”

Task 3: Insert Column
If you are getting this task incorrect, the first thing to check is that the column name you inserted in your file does not have an extra space before or after the text.
Incorrect: “Brokerag​e ​”​ or ​“ B​rokerage” Correct: “Brokerage”

Task 12: Division Formula
Make sure that you have the correct formula. The purpose of this task is to calculate the average dividend per share. You need to divide the Total Dividend Paid/The Total Number of Shares held (M5/K5).

Task 16: Pivot Table
If you are using MS Office 2013 or an even earlier version, you may notice the years, quarters, and months may not come up automatically. You can go through “Group Selection” and click on them.

As per the instructions, the table should be based on the data on the Invoices page from ​Data!$A1:E$500 ​(the entire chart). Your table should look like this when complete:

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PDF Module

Task 3: Recognize Text (OCR)
Depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, you might have to use “Scan and OCR” rather than directly using “Enhanced Scans” to access the Recognize Text feature.

Task 6: Redact
Commonly, this task gets counted incorrect because the background data of the file has been deleted. In some versions of Adobe Acrobat, when applying the redaction, there is a window that pops up like the one below. Make sure that you deselect “Sanitize and remove hidden information” before continuing the redaction.

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Word Brief Module

Task 2: Subheadings
For this task, you ​do not​ have to go through each second level argument heading and adjust the style. After modifying the style, all of them should automatically change. If you find that they are not, try checking the “Automatically Update” checkbox as shown in the highlight below.

Task 4: Table of Authorities
Commonly include extra information in their table. For example, adding Constitutional Provisions.

Make sure that your table of authorities does not include this section. When inserting your table, only “Cases” should be selected under categories.

Once you delete this section, then make sure that “ISSUES PRESENTED” is the first line of the next page.

Task 10: Insert and Format Shape
Make sure that the horizontal and vertical lines you add are completely straight. One tip to make sure of this is to hold the Shift key as you are drawing the line with the crosshair.

INCORRECT- Notice the slightly tilted horizontal line.

CORRECT- Both lines are completely straight.

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Word Memo Module

Task 11: Insert Table
Make sure that the table inserted is directly after the heading with no extra line in between.

INCORRECT- Notice the extra (empty) paragraph.

CORRECT- No extra line.

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PowerPoint Module

Task 4: Add and Format Text
For this task, you will insert a textbox with the text “Planning your Presentation.” Users will often get this incorrect due to minor errors.

The text must be exactly the same as the instructions in order to be marked correct. Check that you have the appropriate letters capitalized. Also confirm that your text does not have a space at the end of the phrase.

Incorrect: “Planning your Presentatio​n ​”​ or “Planning ​Y​our Presentation”

Correct: “Planning your Presentation”

After adjusting the text, your textbox dimensions may automatically change as well so it is worth checking those dimensions once more before submitting.

Task 7: Insert and Format Callout
For this task, you are to insert a callout with the text “I think I can, I think I can.” Users will often get this incorrect due to minor errors.

The text must be exactly the same as the instructions in order to be marked correct. Check that you have the appropriate letters capitalized and that you included the period at the end. Also confirm that your text does not have a space at the end of the phrase.

Another common error is pressing “Enter” after the comma, which creates a new line. The phrase should be typed as if it was on one line.

Incorrect: “I think I can, I think I can​. “

Correct: “I think I can, I think I can.”

Task 9: Trim Video and Set Playback Options
Confirm that you did set the video to play automatically.

If your PowerPoint version does not have a Trim function under the Video Playback tab. You will need to trim the video using external app (Example: QuickTime) ​before​ inserting it into the video.

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